can you stop being selfish.
can you stop being sad and sorrow all the time.
can you stop acting like ur the only one who feel hurts.

and if u think ur sad and sorrow actions could help u to ease up the pain,unconditionally heals and maybe if acting like that actually solved ur problem..

i can only say; as you wish.

but the fact is,
to me,its not.i still feel miserable.i am forever in ur debt.and if my soul and life i trade it for ur sadness and sorrowfulness to go away.i will do it.

but dont u think u being selfish,
when with me,u keep being like that,

and when with others..
u can eventually laugh,jokes.

is that fair to me?
did i ever do that to u?

at up ur heart.face it.give a space for it.if u keep urself surround the bubble of protection that u build.well then..its ur choice.

i do not asking u for forgiveness,i do not asking u to hate me.
i just want all of this to go away.

because everytime i see u hurts me.because it reminds me what i've done to u.making me feel miserable all my life.

i am sorry.but im moved on.i never look back.
gutten nicht.

a broken heart writes this.with no tears but regrets all my miserable life.


Luna said...


have you talk over this with who-ever-this-person?

talking helps.

don't bottle up qayyum...

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

i try to talk.everyday.

but all i get is mmmmm.and one-word/cent

Anonymous said...

hai Luna nak kenal leh?