right.i am the one to blame.

"got a phone with broken IC(internal circuit),what would you do?"

a) go and buy a new phone
b) repair it and hold on for 2-3 months before u smash it on the floor
c) try to replace it with new IC which wud costs 60% price of the new phone

this question reflects on our lives.based on my opinion.

today im ending my bond with her.i dont know.but i keep trying,keep putting priceless effort,keep on hanging.but still..if im the only one whos doing the job alone.how the balance gonna be achieve.

i dont blame you.i wont.i know ur still hurt.my presence,my effort trying to save it is just a plain vain effort kan.u woudnt listen.i know.ur the one whos hurt much here.cant say much.u carry a great pain.a very painful until u let the pain consumes u and ur heart and in order for me to understand the pain,u let me feel the pain by ending my hope.making my effort and hardwork gone to 0

still got the heart but how if the door to ur heart is closed by pain.i know its really hard.but dont u think ur being selfish? being damn stubborn? keep thinking that ur hurt,and not yet matured,u want it but u want other people to get it for ya?

not that i gave up.i still wanna try.i do.but if u dont wanna prove what did u said just now.without any effort.without honesty,then all that i did is just a waste.prove that sentence.do something.dont leave me hanging.dont make me do a choice that i wud regret.i know what are u doing.u dowan to let me go and at the same time keeping me doing like this.

enuf lah.if my presence,my words,my hello,my text,every-single-thing-related to me causes you PAIN WHICH U CANT LET GO,WHICH U CANT FORGIVE,WHICH U CANT FORGET.

i've decided.

im going far.i know im gonna get hurt.im gonna fall down.im gonna bleed and cry sometimes.but better if im near u and causes 2x pain from what i feel now.maybe 3x or 4x pain.im tired of doing effort which makes u sad.which makes u heartless.which makes u feel i dont have anyhope.

so im removing you.dont get me wrong.in other words,let me do ur job by removing myself.
thats the least i could do.very least.dont feel sad.dont feel mad.if thats what u need.and probably what u want.im doing it.yes.blame me for deciding this for u.yes please say that i love to leave u like this.

u need time.i gave u time.so this is what time did.i know dah already.i know dah.long time ago.dah lah.nasi dah jadi bubur.im sorry.truely

feel free to find me.i'll always pray for u and ur family.thats my word.keep it.dont worrie i'll survive somehow =]

p/s : dear readers please gimme ur emails.im gonna go private on this blog very soon.

p/s2 : bengkak suda mata aku.hard decision to do.for her own good.s.q if u reading this.forgive me dear XD.not my intention to let u read this.but this is it.

p/s3 : lama dah i nak cakap this,"god must have spend,a little more time on you".ye nampak mcm nsync but thats the truth.and thats y u became mine.but not anymore..


Luna said...

1. beli tepon baru

2. Hm. kalo nak end it, end it fast. like a clean break of the bone which heals faster, so do heartbreak.

i thought u hav my email?
walaubagaimanapun, commakaulitz@gmail.com

Paishx said...

email aku

saba je la yum
tu je yg mampu aku ckp

Marker Hitam said...


Be strong, thts the point dude. Chill. I tkbole ckp lebih sebab we're on the same boat.

Anonymous said...

woaaahohoho..sedey dowh bce.ishk!like u said, chill.=)

wei.ni email aku


Unknown said...

u got me :)