consumed my own power.

great power comes great responsibility.itu lah yg di katakan oleh pak cik ben kepada peter parker.aku rasa kata² ini betul.tapi when kita ada kuasa.chances tuk salah gunakan is highly anticipated.

lets take some several virtual people and some movies personalities

ryu.sbb terlalu kuat,satsui no hadou (killing intention) change him into evil ryu.
ken,psycho power consume him and turn him into violent ken.
spiderman,symbiote assimilate dgn dia make him into dark spidey
jin kazama changes into devil jin
iori yagami turns into blood-riot iori
darth vader turned from anakin skywalker to avenge his wife

well thats what happen to me.aku try to be good.tapi taleh.this power.this talent.consuming me.i keep making enemies.people keep hating.when i start to pick a hero(dota),then personality aku bertukar.before i defeat them,i crush their minds,bringing fears into the very deepest core,crush their walls of ego with my cunning moves and strategy,reading their moves 100 steps ahead,wait them to go wrong,before i finally kill them for good.

and then.bila diorang dah mati.i laugh.laugh for their foolishness.laugh for their incapability.laugh for their weakness.while i had none.

shit aku benci mcm ni.i cant make any to contain this demon there any cure.anybody who could at least control the inner demon,inner beast of mine..i had enuf making enemies out there.i cant stop playing.if i do i'll die.thats what i do.gaming..

p/s : confessions of a professional gamer.qayyumx