hero,heroic vs devil,evil

had enough with people who try so hard just to be a hero.
had enough with people who end in vain doing the act of hero.
had enough with people who arrive in shinning knight armour and trying to be a hero.

why bother to be a hero? why bother? seriously, why do you fucking bother to be a hero?

why must you try to save the day? for what particular reason in this fucking temporary world?

being a hero? duh? on what point of view? our own point of view? on the girls? or its it just your way of life? born to be a hero? what does society sees in your or "their" act of heroic

bullshit? must power be used to save the day? must everybody become superman? and if its too many superman and the world will end up become "FA LA LA LAND"?

somebody please answer this question of hero and heroic for fuck sake.

what about evil and the devil? is it wrong to use power just for fun.misusing it as it amuses us with the pathetic-ness of another weaker human being.being evil justified justice? so being evil towards another human based on any mutual reason causes "SIN" in the human eyes and will be foresee as discerning?

sigh.evil and devil has been false-labelled as the act of deviance by the people who claim the name "HERO" by themselves.having power is meaningless until you had fun with it.does being a hero fun? take a look at obi-wan kenobi.dead.in his own apprentice.wasting most of his life turning lord vader into good.

its just not in the movies.there's too many example out there for you to figure it out.

i just wonder.mesti ke jadi hero? perlu ke? kalau setakat nak berborak dari segi konteks keagamaan ke, konteks syahid or syurga neraka i think you didnt to leave any comments sbb i already know that.i mean,

how would the hero,heroic vs evil,devil would show any significant in this temporary world of our own creation?

p/s : devil inside the mass.


. said...

u sir r heavily influenced by Billy Talent. lol