HoN - Heroes Of Newerth

HoN - Heroes Of Newerth is a brand new game which heavily based on the world most famous - Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne Defence Of The Ancient gameplay.still undergoing beta test.

my review :
watch this game live yesterday at wangsa maju.summore i watch it on youtube (played by SK^LODA - my dota idol).looks nice.superb graphics,superb effects and superb game play.not like dota,the heroes in HoN is not item dependable which means,items on heroes does not give any huge advantage but the synergy and teamwork + skills are the most important thing here.

well.from viewing people and from the videos from the youtube.i think for gamers its "CHUCK NORRIS-approved!"

but i've heard its having a battlenet system which need original key to login into the battle servers(ahh crappp).nvrmind later garena/warez hackers would provide the pirated ones and maybe using hamachi/lancraft to connect.HAHA!

watch yourself guys.those who called themselves dotard you shoud fucking see this game.

p/s : personally i like the hero Valkyrie (Mirana Nightshade in DOTA) sbb my best hero was it.perfect ganking machine hehuha!


. said...

aku lagi prefer Dark Lady.

synergy 1-2-3 = pure backstab/lasthit

ulti = tracking


tapi considering COD:MW2 nak kuar, aku rasa vote aku pergi ke MW2, unless D3 kuar tahun ni, aku malas nak main any ladder match-type-game (termasuk HoN zz)

ps: Blizzard memang babi. setahun 2 expansion WoW keluar (read: Cataclysm) tu pasal D3 ngan SC2 hold sampai bertahun2. kimak kan?

pss: Section 8 da release. tgh install. bb men.