too many to tell.
too many to explain.
too many to list down here.

i did sumthing on the last day of puasa.which called project KARAM.i'll explain and upload all of the photos sooon as i get back my gear which i left in uniten.ohh i miss you so much u know julie (my comp T.T,there goes the same with u panssy and ibony :( i miss hugging u ..)

i'll brief it up

early saturday morning :
-went back to bp with aliya and hafiz.
-sempat bersahur and berbuka puasa with my family
-i ate makroni goreng which i craving it for sooo god damn long
-i sleep with nika (haha my beloved bed ;p)

saturday noon :
-went to summit batu pahat to shop with naim and epi.damn i turned into a mad cow
-buy B.U.M watch.quite expensive
-buy 2 set of jeans
-buy 2 set of t-shirts
-go saloon my hair
-a pair of sneakers
-i spend almost 1.5 k on those shits.haha

saturday nite :
-went to bp mall,and square ones with tufah,naim,epi and syafiq
-look additional accessories
-went for karoke session.OMFG syafiq can sing fantasia bulan madu FTW!,tufah knows lagu rakyat GG
-lepak at bpwalk,seeing people doing their last bidding during malam raya.we had a good meal while doing BUKON haha
-went back home,and then YM-img luna till 5++,she teach me to listen indo songs (euh <-- this is when i was a global racist,and now thanks to luna,i started to like indo songs)
-ahh sleep with the cats outside T.T

1st raya :
-went to semayang raya,
-back home doing the thing we do on hari raya
-slammed on the door,went sleeping
-wake up at 6+
-went to syafiq's
-went to square one and watch GAMER.quite nice movie,and dont expect for u to understand that movie bcoz if youhe really wanna understand the concept and the message of the movie itself,i suggest u to become a gamer,much like myself :D,but still different people different view.so enjoy :D

p/s : this year was a great hari raya for me.a great one.i bet this one wud be the best raya!