a blessing

since i've step my foot in uniten, everysinglething i do, turns into gold.yeah im so happy with my life.its like the dialog " yeah,this is it"

eventho sometimes good thing never last, still,its a blessing to me.my involvement in astena, and now wawasan.meeting new people.being a great leader.being a great friend.being a good listener.being somebody that people can trust,being a good brother,being responsible for our own actions,being bla bla bla..

just too many of them.

i realized it now that these things are loan-ed from allah.and apart from being a loan,its a gift from HIM to u.do not mis-use the gift given.things here a waayyyy better from uitm.its not im being not grateful that i was in uitm last time.but the environment here suits me well.or i shud say damn well :)

and today im glad.im smiling alone while in my bed.smile away past my regrets watching it burns and became dust.one by one.

and this post is dedicated to people who plays their part in my life.mostly uniten buddies.aliya shereen.luna kaulitz,rafik kamal.

i'll do my best!