Kata Kau

last week i went to KL bcoz im involved in a new game show from Astro called " KATA KAU" hosted by reza mohammad (af) and scha al-yahya (awan dania)

haha most of my buddies attends and involve in the show.ija,shah,heri,ashra,mia,nik faiz,zaki,megat,aizat : mostly TC and wawasan people.

the game show consist of 5 segments and each episode the segment changes.as far as i can remember,the quiz consist of ringtone rentung, bapak kapak, video songsang, ribut petir kebaboom, cb bongkak, and a dance quiz.

well i won the show.had some gifts and money too.and a whole lot new experience.and i lost my voice too -____- due to excessive screaming.

oh it will be aired on 3rd week of may,thursday nite 9 pm.

okay,here goes the pictures from the set.most of it will be uploaded on facebook.


mia,husna,tasha with riz af

the stage

the set

okay.this is all for now.bye