things you should do when you're having a long long distance relationship

well im gonna share a few tips from my experience of having a long distance relationship.i had 3 long distance relationship before.and im gonna share it here.

tiba2 nak jadi hitch.haha.ok here goes.

1.jgn miss goodmorning,goodnite text. jokes.
3.tell random facts about anything per day.i mean.1 random facts 1 day.
4.start calling names.tukar2 nunna - oppa and so on.
5.involve her with ur surroundings. ex : ajak konference with dota guys.ajak main poker ke kat fb.
6.if he/she working, play as his/secretary (kalau dia free la,kalau tak takpayah main)
7.riddles.ex : today shoe apa,baju apa.up to you nak get kinky ke apa ke. of the day.
9.text dating : ex : movie.u guys go and buy the same ticket movie,the next-to-next seat at the same time but in different cinema and watch the movie and texting while watching it.haha this is very sweet.try it.
10.go and read comic book.serius online.mangashare ke.onemanga ke.ok this if ur a guy.if ur a girl.go and layankan shopping punya tudung beg ke.layankan je.

ok 10 facts ni for texting.ada lagi tapi tak terlarat nak tulis sini.

another 10 is for online.i mean instant manager or facebooking.

1.kalau ada masa free.go webcam.tapi jgn la webcam chat.go webcam and do me, when im playing dota,i stream it on that she cud know what am i doing.and gives the idea nak borak apa.i know some girl tak suka.tapi dota ni contoh je.u can go and play minesweeper together true webcam.main heartz ke.or anything u cud do together. ur favorite tv show it online!

3.get to know her surroundings thru the cam.then try la borak cam why gantung gambar there.why ini dan itu.cmon get creative.

4.kalau facebook.go wall booking.adei if u understand this.malas explain go he/she sleep.u guys "sleeps" together.

6.install team-viewer.control his/her pc.for fun.

ok ni 6 je aku dapat listkan.sbb dah ngantuk.