things happen today and yesterday.

my mom and my little brother

emma called me.she said , "i dpt matrixs perlis" and i say , " oh baguslah"

i broke a mirror and slam the door just to convey the message " MOM I AM FUCKING HUNGRY AND CAN U PLEASE COOK SOME MEAL FOR ME"

sorry mom.i didnt meant it.i wish that the way and things between us gone smoother.u being a mom and im being a son.its not that hard.

and what possibly in this world u want?

watch tv = scolded,
games = scolded,
sleep = scolded,
hangout = scolded,

what do you want? if u dont like im being in the house,say so.i'll find a place to crash.
and is 2010 mom.not 1980's anymore.

and not the same person u see when im in HOME and when im in UNIVERSITY.

i have been working SO HARD FOR THE PAST 5 MONTHS and im asking let me rest for a MONTH OR TWO.

p/s : i love you mom.ur the best.happy mother's getting a watch and a new phone for you.and perhaps being a good son to u