stands for Jyuupon Gatana.

still standing for 7 years after is announcement.
we're friends more then 12 years.

we're more then friends.we're brothers.we cry,we laugh - TOGETHER.
we never ditch or abandon each other.
we never forget.
we shared everything.

im glad god gave me this gift.a gift that i wont replace or trade with anything.

just now we pusing-pusing bandar batu pahat.so lepak skate park.haha damn the memory flashes.
how do we met.how this faction formed.damn.sangat nostagic.

well.there's a lot happening.hafiz.sani,mangkuk,falah and mamat gonna graduate very soon.hafiz is currently working in shalam

epi.me.tufah.syafiq,alip,luqa and naim gonna follow up another year.

then our goal before we all gonna get married is we're going on tour.like euro-trip movie.but we're gonna tour the asia.

work hard buddies.another year left.

mamat,hafiz, & tuffah had gf's now.tufah even quit smoking.i didnt believe it at 1st.but...whoa.a girl can turn u from a demon to an angel.

well.im in a kinda happy mood while im having a hell on my back.
gonna sleep soon. adios