i always have this series of thoughts - leaving everything behind and never comeback. but, in the end of the day, after all things has been said and done. i wake up and keep telling myself. dont, just dont. whatever u do, whatever these people do. this is all u got left.

and i dont know why. i keep coming back. i keep fighting for these people i call, disappointments. those who didnt work hard enuf. those who dont have the heart or even half the heart to do things. even for themselves.

i need to learn to say no. i need to leave, people and things behind. as they drag me along down their road. bring me down. they need to learn to fight for themselves instead people fighting for them.

will u guys stand up for urself? will u fight for ur own cause? will u fight for somebody else?

i want something for myself too. theres things i want to chase too. and theres a lot i want to achieve too. but u people seems to dragging me down the lane.

i need to learn how to break hearts. i definitely need to learn to disappoint others as they are doing the same thing, to me. for so long, after so many times, so many years.