the end of 2014

2014 is going to end soon. another day left to spend. its been really a very rough year. for me personally. the same goes with my family. my close buddies. people fall, people rise. i've seen it all. the good, the bad. the unwanted. questions answered, question asked. shots fired. name it.

i dont wish much. in fact, i dont usually wish for anything. new year resolution and stuffs? i dont have one. all i wanted is to be a better person. thats it. to me, another year has gone. and i havent done much.

to those people who matters the most, thank you for staying. and those who've left. i wish nothing but the best for u guys. maybe this is the point where we drift apart and venture into the world, on our own. and theres a reason why we've become like this. and maybe, who knows, in the future, if our path crossed and we might do things together again, like we used to.

2014 teach me a lot. a lot of things. to list everything down? i dont think this post cud possibly tell u guys everything. i found joy, happiness, sadness, a little bit of this, and that. which i quote from the movie The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty"the quintessence of life"

2014 is only a tiny little part of my quintessence of life. 27 years of living. and here i am. and who i am at this point of life. i've been thinking about slowing down, maybe settling down. for good.

i think this is where i say goodbye the old me. and at least try to change for better. for myself. not for anybody else.

goodnight :)