hello december, a long lengthy post - a note

dear future girlfriend of qayyum,

please take care of him. he's fun to begin with. he's amazing. he will drive u insanely crazy, happy, boost each and every senses inside of u. hes "unsangkarable" at times. hes a bad liar. he said this all the time - "no im not angry" and yet u'll be sensing the most hostile attitude ever. he'll text u until 6 am in the morning. even in the most difficult times eg ; different time zones. never underestimate him, never let ur guard down. he's competitively active. he's smart, he's loyal. yes he might ditch u everytime when he's with his boys, but those late night's sorry's, calls, always make up for it. those funny feelings/butterflies ur feeling rn? that, wont probably go away. please love him. always take what he did, gave u, and do treasure him, because his love for u for is never ending. all he wanted is just a little bit of appreciation of what he did. he's an achiever, he brags a lot but one thing is for sure, hes good in everything he does. and one thing for sure, u wont probably know when all of these, will end, and when it does, please, please cherish the moments, memories, that he left behind, just like i do, and i will, forever.

with love, his past girlfriend.

p/s: idk who sent this. i just re-wrote this shit. as requested. anyways, thank you. for whatever we both has gone thru and the memories still lingers. lets just remember all the good times and let the bad times slip away?