hello december, a long lengthy post - part two : PD trip

organized a trip to PD with my bois last weekend. i think they deserve this. weekend gateaway. actually tradisi ni dari zaman kcr lagi, so i think i'll pass down this tradition down to the twt_dota boys. and i needed the break too. since i have been working non-stop since mid-nov up till now.

theres time when my brain stops functioning, when logics and thinking objectively doesnt work nemore, and when the time comes where i cant take it anymore. all of those things, things in between, things those hidden from those people, is getting at me. swallowing me whole. consuming whatever it wants in its wake. make me feel worthless. makes me want to give up after putting up with so many shits, chings and chongs. 

and yeah, thank you bois. for the early birthday celebration. i havent gave it a thought myself. rupanya dah dekat. its rare for me or people to celebrate my own birthday. even dekat opis pun i didnt tell anybody about who am i, where i am from, those details..ya know.

tgh sedap panggang2 ayam, tiba2 ada cake pastu ramai2 nyanyi. wuuu teharu :((


oh look! bbq pardy!


my birthday cake. hehe thank you ^_^


a very rare pic. HAHAHAH!