hello december, a long lengthy post - part one

hi, i have been very super busy lately. feels like im living thru my deg years all over again. i barely sleeps at night. only 3-4 hours per night. juggling btwn work, social life, charity, events, community, and shits. i dont even have time for myself. look at me. look me in the eye and tell me that i need haircut. iron my shirts and eat properly.

anyway, i just got myself transfered. to cyberjaya. its been a while since my last transfer. actually i asked for batu pahat. so i can look over my family. my dad isnt that healty nemore. few things happened. and we all staying strong as a family. and for now, theres nobody to look over my mom too. so as the eldest son i have to go back and watch over things. but theres nothing yet on the request. and im definitely going to cyberjaya next jan.

i learn so many things here. and so many things from people too. and i thanked each and everyone of u for that. its been a rough year for me, for my family, and i guess u guys too.

and responsibility isnt as easy as its spelled. theres so much to be done, to be scarified, u'll learn theres things u must let go, theres things that u wont be able to fulfill, and yet be grateful for everysingle thing that happened. theres a reason why it happen on the first place.

after all, at this point, we take whatever that we could, just to be happy, right?