anger management issue.

been in this fever for a week.runny nose and damn full scale body pain.yes i got anger management issue.i just beat the crap of 2 puppies which the owner if a fucking retard who dont have any idea how to keep his pet.the 2 puppies keep barking day and night which causes stressed-insomnia and this insomnia added with my hot fever with my hot hot heart and with the hot hot day the result is very unsatisfying.

i dont think that one of the puppy gonna survive,i did quite a good job on landing a perfect core hit to its fucking head with my wooden katana (i buy it from jonker street melaka its very cheap tho RM 10 and its fucking hard too.come try lah if u want some).and if the owner wanna try my baseball bat also can.come.i'll make you famous.

the demon inside shudnt be provoked tho,
fucktard dog owner,

go back to school and learn why dogs and pig is prohibited to kept as a pet you fucking KAFIRUN LAKNAKTULLAH.

p/s : jgn sekali2 mencuba provoke angin gila aku.maybe kau kenal aku ni seorang yg pasif.tapi kau penah tak fikir kau tak habis kenal aku lagi? jgn bermain2 dgn api.