a mess yg ntah sape yg bole tolong clean.

its been 2 weeks since the breakup thingy.haihs im losing myself.

im losing my mind
im losing my faith
im losing my thoughts
im losing my judgments
im losing my patience
im losing it.

im not a working human anymore.i sleep 16 hours a day.i do online and sit infront of a pc and i do nothing.not even playing games,or visiting website as usual.i just stood there,wasting my time..

i skipped meals,baths,phone calls,text msges.phone maxis aku dead for almost 2 weeks pon aku tak sedar.crap.my celcom awaiting its moment je to mati. for whatever the reason i dont know why.i know im taking it seriously.but i cant help it.haaaaaaaaihhhhhhhhh.

and now today im hurt again,damn badly and i cry myself to bed in the evening thinking about it -.-

megan fox = guy(whatta fuck is this prank?)

fuck it.fuck it each and everyone of the paparazzi,editor,journalist who make a discovery on this fact.fuck you all.thank you.thank you and now i dont think i have anymore reason to live in this fucking cruel world.fuck it.


crap aku takleh terima.shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

p/s : currently addicted to diazepam.luckily aku ada stock.haha i dont mind taking a madman's medication.cuz hell yeah im mad.


Syafiq Sarkawi said...

"im 22 and half of the world i own".
nahhh from this post i found that.. kau 22 and half of crap you own lol