hey there mr.ego

ego.ego.ego.1 question for this ego thingy :

"does anybody invent a device or tool to contain this devilish nature from consuming human minds and hearts alike?"

i met this one girl.everything was fine until ego came and consume her heart and mind,changing our path to the path of destruction.i tried to warn.i try to help her resist the ego.but still it cant be saved.my heart was broken.but i was prepared.eventho i've prepared but it doesnt seems right like what i planned.she could be the key to everything but again,consumed by hatred,egoistic,i truly regreted it.

this is not what i wanted.im not blaming you.i just want that ego between us to go away.i had enough with that ego of yours.i gave you so many chances to change.got a saying says :

"ikut hati mati,ikut rasa binasa,tepuklah dada tanya iman"

i know were all human beings,constipated by emotions and feelings.but if we really thinking that deep,and using our brain,a gift from the ALLMIGHTY,and try not to overreact,think about the cause and effect in deciding anything,making jugdement, we could eventually do the right thing to do.

yes i admit im kinda very sad and down now.but i did my best.i played my part.and i just cant hold it anymore.sorry.i just had enough of it.im just a normal human.everything i do theres a limitation on it.

well.i've just have to move on.put all of these past behind me.i hope you'll met a good guy for you.who knows how to handle girls with a good care.not like i do.i'll always pray for you.yes you always have been there for me.and im gonna be the same after this.i would like to stay longer if there is any chance.

this is it.goodbye.no regrets.thank you.thank you very much.


Paishx said...

hey there lil fellow.
u still got fren.
eventhought u lost ur gurl.
ur friend i mean a real friend.
still come to u.
so dun be obses or plan something bad.
u got ur life.u got ur way.dun waste it
just change it.u'll be happy.
i hope it will help u.

Paishx said...

and btw.are u lost ur gurl ?
is that the objective rite now ?