you know.lately im kinda lost "it".most of my post is all about unsaid "emotions through out sharp and wise-cracking words which a few could understand and a few wont give a damn about it"

this time through with it.and with not gonna let you hurt me anymore.never.ever.again.

hey.ever heard the phrase "revenge is sweet?" yup it happens now.for real.god again show his almighty power to this particular person who used to use me and make my life miserable as hell back in the IPTA life of mine.

dear not mad.either sad or i dont want any revenge on you.i really regret that "that day" happens.we had a choice my friend.but you pick the wrong choice my not mad that you hit me with that mop stick at my back.either u throw me with the ashtray right to my head.not to mention that you slap me in the face to show how great you are,to show your the one who dominate the "scene" right now.everyday i wish that day would never happens..but,why cant you pick the options you got by doing the right thing my friend..

i heard about you dear friend.what happen? why now? really im sad for you.why dont you ever change from "that time"..i know now is not too late for you to fix it but this early it happens..who knows whats the future holds for you.again im not happy with what happen to you eventho what you did to me was unforgivable.i still consider you as my friend.we been friends for 3 year watch my back and i watch your back since "day 1" in "kolej perindu"

remember my joke?

"relax aa baru sejam dah tak tahan.ntah mcm mane la nak survive kat sini haha"

yes we did survive my friend.for almost 3 years and a half.until i left you there with your so called "kawan hidup mati" friends.i never wanted this to happens.never ever.i really respect you as a big brother of mine cause i dont have one..see.."everybody" abandon you..

you got nothing left.i just "want it to be over between us."but i cant,not like i didnt try to dont even stop..and i think about that night everyday.i wish i can take it back.i wonder why did you did matters to me.

is it an accident? another mistake? it doesnt change not gonna fight back.its already finished..i still can do you any favors..but you have to learn to live with what you did.its got my symphathy my friends.god the almighty.ask for his guidance and forgiveness.he knows better than anyone else.

p/s : "we must live with what we did in ourlives"


Unknown said...

are you talking 'bout the guy who supposed to back you up but he didn't?

nah,no turning back OK?

if i were you,i'll never befriend with so-called bitchy friend.

they dont even deserve any single space in my blog,so why do I care?

gituuuu patutnya,Q!

Rfq Kml said...

chada, i guess kenangan lama menjadi partner gay bukan senang bagi Q utk melupakannya.lantas ada lah ruang di pintu hati dan juga blog nya utk berbicara tentang gay partner nya.ohhh *blush*