i dont have time for those sissies.
i dont have time to do photoshop and photography for those sissies.
yeah im just another lazy bump.

i dont have any time for those pet brothers-sisters time.
i dont have any time for you to playing pointless games
yeah im just another fat ass.

i dont have free time just to satisfy your silly needs of yours
i dont have free time just to mingle around with the silly emotions of yours
yeah im just another spoiled brat.

still dont get it?

im just sooo not into making new friends, gedik2, touching2, emosi tak tentu pasal.pet brother ke pet sister ke go fuck urself.kawan baik? go fuck urself too.kawan laki? go fuck and smack ur face in the pavement too.im not jealous.i just think there shud be some barrier.

fuck learn to differentiate betweens emotion/feelings and logical thinking.
and fuck,if u need advice badly,dont come to me.fuck it.fuck with ur tears and so.and then wasted all of it in a stupid judgement of yours.

p/s : tak payah mengada2 boleh? im fuckin sick of it.each and everyone of "YOU" carries the same traits.fuck.