VoIP : Voice over Internet Protocol

if you guys call yourself a true gamer and looking forward to become a professional gamer this VoIP might helps.personally i think it really plays a big part for gamers just like myself.

lets cut to the chase.what is exactly VoIP anyway? VoIP is a communication tool used by gamers to communicate each other.so if you think that chat is enough for gamers to communicate to another gamer then you are wrong.let me create a situation for you :

"a guild master,who had 100 subordinates gonna go guild war with another 3 guild which its members consist of 100 members each and how will you control your subordinates and coordinate defence and offence."

imagine doing that with chat.300 people in one room,everybody chatting.what you'll see? crap everywhere.so with this VoIP,what you need is just to command them by talk to them.and more over it gives you more realistic battlefield feeling.haha based on my personal usage lah kan.

so VoIP applications are Ventrilo,Hamachi and TeamSpeak.each have their own uniqueness in hosting a voice over.and if you all wonder why dont we use yahoo messenger conference or skype? both IM's drain your bandwith and it makes gaming laggy and also annoying coz you may need to tab out from the game and click to the person who do you with to talk with.with VoIP,all you need is just to press the hotkey and talk.like walkie talkie and push-2-talk function.

convienient isnt it? VoIP FTW!

ha below is the pic what is VoIP (im hosting a server)

1.the DOS is the server.
2.the gray one is Hamachi
3.Vent is beside the server

p/s : spartannnnn.tonite we dine in HELL!