stuffs which some aku minat some aku tak.

question 1 : hey,do you like fashion?
my ans : er fashion? no thanks.

question 2 : hey i got this several new games on complete DVD release.wanna try?
my ans : bring the jocks on me!

haha i dont really give a damn about how i look and fashion i'll definitely pass.dunno skarang trend lately semua nak bukak butik.when it comes to it,i'll try it.

using myspace,using blogspot,wordpress etc2.whoa skarang zaman berniaga ke? selain butik some bukak bundle.haha sorry to say semua ni mostly girly stuffs kot.jual baju,dress,tudung,etc2 necklace,gelang ape jadah semua ada ROFL.n then kiddies 14-17 skarang semua sebok jual produk community diorang dlm bentuk t-shirt and i find its lame.sorry to say arep but that SINAC t-shirt i find its damn lameeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol..make money around 500 happy? i'd say that 500 comes from lame t-shirt,but hell yeah its money kan.sape nak kasi 500 for free haha.indie? fuck off.

i got several ideas about it,but tatau la this is all my personal opinion,so i feel free to kutuk or give complementary comments on this stuff,kau nak sebok buat apa? aku ade kacau kau ke? tak puas hati? please mail me.or text me.lets have our debate :)

pros :

1.simple yet result is very satisfying. media advertising such as blogs helps sbb kan skarang dah ramai celik IT,celik now everyone wanna be a photographer,everybody wanna be a writer, so kepakaran dlm bidang IT tu jelas di people simply use google and enter the keyword,tadaaa so many list of blogshopping will appear.

cons :

1.annoying.oi aku dah taknak beli kot.aku dah cakap dah no thanks.still invite.sangat annoying.salesman pon kalah

2.everybody now jual bende yg sama.tudung, lebih kurang.and then there is jalan masjid india.ha beware,jgn tertipu ye tipah2 sekalian.masjid india bole dapat RM 15 kat blog tu dia jual RM 65.jaga2

3.takde lah lawa mana pon baju yg di design/di jual tu.haih tak terattract lansung

4.nak berniaga mestila jgn just sekadar "jual suka2 + isi waktu lapang".do sumthing mestila kene prepare plan,marketing strategy and etc2.jgn simply buat pikir nak duit je.later customer lari.

ok,enuff i think about this.
i'll cont some im off for some brain-slpatting actions in manhunt 2.byeeeee

p/s : the eye can mislead,the smile can lie but the shoes always tell the truth.jgn tertipu kawan2