drop it

friend. friendship. what does this two words means to ya?

does it needs texting 24 hours constantly?
does it needs calling 24 hours constantly?
does it need to be bothered with the question how should i take the shit in the toilet?
dont ya think ya getting me in the nerve?

i have alot of other things to be deal rather than dealing stupid things with ya.
all ya had to do is fucking open the browser and start typing google.com

i am pretty sure all of your question will be solved there.
they even invented CLEVERBOT and OMEGLE for such boring reason.
dont ya think ya messing with my life?
dont ya think you've cross the line?

i had friends, but i didnt do shit to em.

p/s : turning off everysocial network account, phones, and the blog will be the only medium.

p/s 2 : get a freaking life. annoyance much