few things pissed me off.

howdy. its been a week i think? aha. yeah i've been nowhere but home. resting my leg on purpose. been in a minor accident last tuesday. a rider run my knee and my bike. i hurt my knee pretty bad. twisted, swollen like hell. and a few injections and fisio and a little bit of rest heals.

still hurt, but not that much. oh ya, by the way, there is a few other things ticks me anger off and i guess i'll just share the experience here.

i was riding in the town. and just a few feet infront of me there is another small time bikers (yeah fuck off small bikers) and he was smoking. and guess what? he simply throw away the ashes in the air. and the fucking GOT INTO MY EYE. i was riding and cant open up my eyes. guess what? after recovering my sight, run the bike straight to his face, give im a little fuck in the face, ram up the bike, and speed up.

no brainer. i didnt see much any of the cainese people smoke while riding. seriously, its dangerous, and its gonna cost u and others ur life. ok fine i understand this universal law that u human create. yes u can have ur fucking human rights to smoke, but respect our non-smokers human rights.

seriously. 2 times this week. been into this case. yes of course i had a windshield helmets to protect me from it but my eye sight is not really that good at night. so i didnt use much of the windshield at night. its just dangerous. i was riding in the LDP towards the curve and my lost the vision for about 1 minute.

and another case is about dinning outside. look, i dont mind paying for food. in fact, i enjoy food. i dont care how much it costs, i'll just eat em all. but this scenario surely will pissed everybody off. as u know, the malays are concern about their business, they even made a memorandum signed by the gov people just to stop those mamaks from oppening stalls and cafes as they please. but look at u stupid dogs malays. how do u open up ur business, and not to mention, managing it.

few hours ago, i went to a cafe down here in my condo. everything was nice at first, but it turned to be bad. i am a very polite person. i never really does that mice sound at mamak whenever u wanna order something. i put my hands up and wait for the waiter to come. that is my style. because to me, the people who involves in the food industries shud be respected. and guess what? after 10 minutes waiting finally the waiter comes. guess what? he is watching DVD on the screen. ok after ordering food, we waited about 30 minutes. its okay. soon the food arrives and it tastes like crap, ok its still okay to me.

im hungry, i never really care about the food, and i again raise my hands up to add on. i just want a bloody bowl of rice, sambal belacan and another telur dadar and milo ais. guess what? another 30 minutes of waiting and not getting any of it. and yes, that mother fuckin waiter is watching the goddamn DVD again.

pissed off, i threw away all of the food just now on the table, spill up my drinks on purpose. leave a couple of notes which i considered enough for the fucking lousy food and service they gave me and walk away. yeah im pissed off. back home called mcd and having a proper dinner which is not really healthy at all.
how come u all been claiming ur rights from the mamaks, look at u. look at ur stall. look at ur cooking. please, buy urself a mirror.

if ur are not ready to work, dont work
if ur not gonna serve ur customers well, please burn down ur store.
and if ur a malay, than curse urself to death.

and fuck off smokers. really. fuck off.. i dont fucking care what manners are u really in smoking, how really u care about others by smoking somewhere far and blowing the smoke to the other side, ur just...nevermind. FUCK OFF.