a very good2 point of view.

few days relaxing from the social network thingy grants me peace. who cares really. what the hell if ur a trendsetter, a top ranking person in the social network. who cares? i can now class myself.

nothing. really. in the end, its just you getting the attention. the hype decreasse every time. u cant keep the pace. looking for something new in the fast pace is relatively pathetic. doesnt matter how twisted u can be, doesnt matter how popular u might be, but if ur not using it to provide or help others. how lame.

u may claim urself a well-known blogger, a well-known book writer, but for what purpose? u may bash somebody via social networks or forum or even on ur blog, but can u bash them IRL? would u stand tall and scream the hell of ur lungs?

twitter showed me everything. from rich kids to a no brainer, from a jerk to an angel, i've seen "things"
maybe u'll say i am wrong to judge people this early. nope i am not judging. let me tell u something. ever heard about chemical reaction? how fast and vast is the reaction between each chemicals? and here we are. a human. everything about us is basically a series of complex chemical-biology thingy. so we, human, changes.

but everybody lies - says house. i still believe there is some hope in humanity. i am now feel secured with a level of confidence in me. doesnt matter what are u. its just doesnt matter. human can go very low at times. poke them in the right spot. while praising them can sometimes turn them weak.

well, too much of everything will kill ya doesnt it? too much of love can be a suicidal cause, too much of food will grant u obesity, while too much of fun will end u up in a jail perhaps?

few buddies blocked me via TWITTER for some bloody reason which i dont even know.
few buddies acting weird. some ignore me. when we hangout together with some tweeps.

just say it.
while im not staying around and do nothing.