types of girls u need to keep urself out.

guide, mates.

1. hijabsters.
2. gaggers.
3. tumblr-ers.
4. smokers.
5. huhu, hee, hak hak, jew, lew and the rest type. (i:e, huhu awak wtpe tu hee, hak hak tadi kan kan,[every single sentence starts with that one and when she clueless she start to huhu all the time], dumbshit yo)
6. spend too much on social networking sites.
7. who scold u playing too much video games
8. who scold u for being too busy at the office.
9. who get jealous over kpop idols.
10. who too dumb stupid to realize her actions will cause her trouble.
11. who replies ur buddies comment on ur own facebook wall.
12. who keeps on tracking ur 4sq checking with who.
13. who keeps calling u no matter what time and what ur doing at the moment.
14. who keeps on checking on ur tabs and phone.
15. who always wanna buy a couple sit during movies.
16. who likes manchester united,
17. who always talk about love and whatsoevershit on her social networking sites.
18. who always demand a car while ur loving big bikes instead.
19. who had no idea
20. fuck off.

look at these. wud u fall in love with these shits heads? bitches united. league of extra ordinary bitches? MIH


Atika Azumi said...

exception for fatin and maria pls ! MIH MIH ! :D

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

dont make me puke please