solo mid anybody?

the term solo mid is referring to the term used in dota. going againts the enemy 1 on 1. haha to me this term is a polite form of saying Forever Alone. aite lets cut the crap. watch this

and the very 1st moment i watch this video, i said. its me in that video. i LEULZ-ed hard. and when it comes to the last stage, letting go, i was like.. mmmm all the time.

i was like in this situation most of the time. be there for the wrong person. what i call escape-ism. what i call to be an option, not a choice. but to me this is more than between, friendship, ethics and getting what u want.

look. u cant be falling in love with somebody that close, its ur friend eitherway. u grew up together, goes to the same school, doing the same shit u do. she had a boyfriend, and ultimately, she is ur HALF-DUDE bro and friend.

how do u fall in love with ur HALF-DUDE bro. u gotta ask urself. when a girl become ur HALF-DUDE bro. it is 100% not safe to fall to her. this happens IRL.

being single for almost 4 years teach me things. things i really didnt know that i can do. there is so many things that u could to to feel up that empty moment and time. and u know what, being there for somebody is cool. dont fall, but flirt. keep on flirting. that'll ease u up a bit. knowing that she will be there for u too.


dont just stand there, go get ur girl man. not ur HALF-DUDE type of girl. that is a NO NO.