a short story, KFC and a point of view.

recently there is a few issue regarding KFC, and as u all now, we malaysian make a big fuzz out of it.

1st of all the KFC worker spits in the oil, mess with the chicken, and the 2nd one is regarding the Zinger Coupon and the latest one is racism in KFC.

i am siding with that KFC worker, ethically, that dude is wrong, he land the 1st punch, because of what? provoked. who aint pissed when provked? tell me. heard from some source that fuckin cainese start 1st, he waited for so long for the meal but in the end theres no meal left. is that a reason which enables u to call melayu cibai? or melayu babi? i aint starting any racism issue here, but yeah he had the right to pissed off.

honestly i also hate waiting and when its ur turn, its just no luck for ya. i am pissed, but i didnt do that racism name calling. in dota yes. but not in actual practice of life. dealing with the practice of "customer is always right" doesnt mean that u can always be right ethically. calling names is okay but some things is just off the limits. sensitive issues : race, family calling, name calling. everybody got its boiling point at some level. human is just human. they cry, they get angry, they laugh.

there must be a motive why he punch that cainese dude. he's lost it. im pretty 120% sure that, that dude is really giving a thought about punching that cainese. he think about losing his work, getting into trouble, bla bla bla. but this also can be disproved. so anyway, that name calling shudnt suppose to happen in the 1st place. normal people do things with motive.

tell u what, this is my personal experience also happens in a kfc in subang jaya. i was heading home from assunta girls school prom night, hungry, i decided to take a detour to local kfc, it was 3 am. and there i am, waiting in the line. infront of me there is a guy, or i cudda say a stupid fucken rempit son of a bitch whos harrasing an old nyonya, cainese. because its already 3 am in the morning, and only 1 counter is open, i assume that kfc is very low on frequency on traffic, so the service is quite late and i think its okay since there is 4 ppl in the line.

and that guy is pushing that nyonya around, yelling for about 5 minutes. i got angry. punch him in the face, hit him with a bottle. and start brawling. u see? u see? am i not that hero enough? unfortunately that guy have some backups with him. and i got pulverized. sad. sprained by hands. beaten tho. i know i shudnt punch him in the face at the 1st place but, do talking make sense that time? the same case with this racism in KFC. do talking solve the problem? nope. i dont think so.

please dont be that stupid. its been 5 years since u all stay wanna stop buying kfc and boycotting them since AS bombing Iraq. all of that JEW agenda, JEW CHICKEN, JEW BEVERAGES. but what did u guys do? please dont be that dumb, u fucking dumbshit asshole stuck in the fucking shit hole. u can say this and that because ur not in his shoes that time. even online u got troll and pissed of like crazy, lets say IRL?

again, YES HE IS WRONG TO PUNCH THAT FREAKIN CAINESE IN THE FIRST PLACE. and THAT FUCKIN CAINESE IS WRONG BY PROVOKING HIM. i think this LOGIC is enough for u guys to brain it out? unless ur all too stupid to realize, let me talk some sense back in ur brain.

boiling point. whats urs? i got mine ticked yesterday.

people need to be respected.
mind you, cainese shit, malay shit, indian shit. whatever are u