fnally, a trip to koh-ree-ahhh

mom bought me a ticket to korea. which flys on 1/6/2012, cant believe this is happening. since i've on the empty tank of my savings. new house, new bike, new things. i merely give up on my dreams to go there. and hyomin kissed also. i am so sad. hahah but anyway. lets just have a vacation there.

few things to visit, han river, seoul tower, kbs broadcasting station, IY farming village, t-ara's dorm, go and eat jjajangmeeon. a real bibimbap, a real sour and hot kimchi, dobbukki, ah so much things to do. 9 days there. yay.

and i just pickup the korean for dummies book which i abandon it for so long. feels weird to talk and to learn korean again. sigh.

cant believe finally i am doing this!


Atika Azumi said...

yeayy ole-ole from korea !

s.z.a_s.z.a said...

yeayyyyyyyyyy!!! nak ikot please....